September 26, 2011

'A' is for Apple

I had a piece of pumpkin bread with a glass of fresh squeezed apple cider tonight for my bedtime snack.  Mmmmm... it tasted like fall.  Fall just might have the most distinctive tastes and smells of any season.  Apples, pumpkin, crunchy leaves- I love them all.  Speaking of apples, it's been 'A' week at our house.  Luke has started up his Pre-K class a couple mornings a week.  He loves going to "school" with his friends.  Here's the little stud-muffin on his first day of class.  Don't you love the John Deer boots?

Pre-K begins!

He's such a little goof ball...

On the days Luke doesn't have school we are doing a few things at home.  We have some great stuff for reading and math and I love to use the library- I tend to go a little overboard with putting books on hold. I just can't help myself... it's all so fun!  And Lizzy gets to join in on the fun.  So, for 'A' week we:

Made applesauce...

Notice Isaiah's "man bag"

Painted with apples...

Jakey and Lukey's masterpieces

Ate Ants on a log...

Found some great Ant hills at Snake Lake...

We had so much fun learning about ants we went out and bought an ant farm... just waiting for our ants to arrive. :)

and visited Lattin's Cider Mill for some Apple Cider donuts and a tour of the farm...

Luke and Isaiah

Lizzy and cousin Isabelle

If learning about all the other letters is this delicious I better be careful.  Luke is already planning on making Elephant Ears when we get to 'E.'

In other news... we are headed to Disneyland in 4 days!!!  Excited is running high in the Grunenfelder house.  We CAN'T wait and we'll tell you all about it!

September 17, 2011

Sucking every last drop out of summer

Here I sit... inside... with rain outside my window.  This week the clouds and drizzle returned marking the end of summer.  Kinda sad.  The mornings are dark again and I had to turn the heater back on in Lizzy's bedroom last night.  One thing that makes the change a little easier is knowing we sucked every last drop out of summer last weekend and the week before.  We enjoyed some beautiful September days and got to enjoy the pool until last Sunday.  Posting these pictures makes me feel just a tiny bit better about the rain.  :)

Ruston Way rock throwing with the two littles

Wonderful, sunny, uncrowded zoo day

Jumping in Jammies

Quick stop at the waterfront and soaking wet shorts

Everything from the garden except for the steak

Gluten-free blackberry pie for Kyle

Some studly knights

Lizzy got to wear her cute orange romper one more day

Noodle fights

Enjoying the last of the pool
Good-bye sun, hope to see you before next year... hello fall!