January 19, 2012

Snowed (Iced) in!

That title makes it sound like we have 10 foot snow drifts blocking our door or something.  It really isn't that bad.  I grew up in Eastern WA after all, where we never got a snow day and we had sleds and cross country skis at school.  I also just saw on Facebook that a friend of mine lost power, got stuck in the snow driving to her in-laws and then went into labor.  I can't compete with that story but... I haven't left home in three days and I'm getting a little stir crazy.  I'm a little jealous that Kyle has gotten out in the old truck a couple times a day.  Unfortunately we can't fit our whole family in there.  Don't get me wrong, I love getting cozy at home with the family and I'm really glad our house is still warm and we haven't lost power.  We have however lost a few branches, as I'm sure most people around here have.  I finally got out and took a walk by myself this afternoon.  It was nice to get a little fresh air...  here's our tree a little weighted down by the ice, a couple more branches have broken since then.

Ice at night
Well, Kyle and Isaiah are home from school again tomorrow.  I can't believe they've haven't gone to school all week!  It feels like one really long weekend.  Looking forward to more games, books, hot cocoa and maybe a trip to the grocery store.  Hope everyone else is staying safe and warm.  Thankful for my cozy bed tonight!

January 15, 2012


There's nothing like waking up to snow outside your window, especially when you live in western Washington.  You just have to love a snow day!

A freshly made 'farmer' snowman

January 14, 2012

A New Year

Well, a new year is upon us.  It always takes a couple of weeks to transition out of Christmas mode and get back to life as normal.  This year may have taken even a little longer than usual since we kind of took a time-out the week between Christmas and New Years... due to the flu.  The whole family caught the bug and we even got to share it with my parents too.  :)  All my Christmas decorations have now been thrown in the storage room awaiting organization and we are back to normal schedules.  Organization is kind of my goal in general for the month of January.  So far the monthly meal plan and the hall closet are checked off the "operation organization" list.  As for my other New Year's resolutions... I'm still mulling that over in my mind.  I was telling Kyle this morning that I don't always like the pressure of a New Year's resolution but I it is a great time seek the Lord on some direction for the coming year and make some goals; goals such as making as many things from Pinterest as I can.  Have I mentioned my love for Pinterest yet?  It's a wealth of fun and creative ideas.  This contributed to Kyle and I's other conversation this morning... setting me a craft budget.  Ha!

Back to Christmas, we had a great holiday and got to spend time with all of our families.  Here's a few pictures.

Lizzy in her Christmas dress
Handsome boys on Christmas Eve
Grandma and Grandpa Grunenfelder with the great grand-kids (minus 4 Haury's)
With Mary Kay and Kaylene
The Kiddos with Nana and Papa
Just one more picture before jammies... then bedtime...Santa's comin'
Ready for hunting season!
Christmas morning cuddle break
Grandma and Grandpa Yandle and the great grand-kids... 48 people at Kyle's parents on Christmas Day!
Lizzy dancing in her tutu auntie made
We made a little trip over to my parents property in the Methow Valley while we were in Omak to see the progress on their retirement house.  The bonus... we found some snow to play in.

Twisp River
my dad wasn't feeling so hot here... sorry we got you sick dad!
the house foundation waiting for spring

Hey hot hubby!


We had a Christmas brunch with my family on New Years Day at our house.  Oh how I love brunch foods!

The kiddos with Grampa and Grammy Bee
Happy Isabelle
My family loves to play games and Eric and Meghan got a new one for Christmas that is a new favorite. It's called Time's up and it gets you laughing.  We played girls against guys and... um, I can't quite remember who won this round. :)

The winner of the most entertaining to watch award goes to Eric.  He gets a photo collage all to himself.

Well, that's the Christmas wrap-up.  Now on to a new year and all that it has to offer.  I have a feeling that 2012 will hold some changes for our family.  I'm now exactly sure what they will look like yet... but I'm trying to wait patiently while everything unfolds.  Time will tell...

Happy New Years!!!