February 25, 2012

Retired, but not slowing down

Earlier this month we made a quick weekend trip over the mountains to Omak.  I can't remember the last time I went home on an ordinary two-day weekend.  With kids it's a long way to go for such a short time, plus once we get there none of us want to leave that soon.  But, there was a big event going on that we just couldn't miss... my dad's retirement party!

For as long as I can remember my dad has gotten up at o'dark thirty and left the house by 6-6:30am to go to work.  He has rode his bike all year round, in rain or shine... taking the car only if there's too much ice on the road.  He has persevered through some stressful and challenging work situations and I never remember hearing him complain as he provided for our family for over 35 years.  You don't really appreciate these things as a kid, but once you're an adult with three kids of your own, and long days...and long nights, you realize what a sacrifice it can be and what a blessing it is.

My dad working in his early years... (copied from a power point so it's kinda blurry)
Yep, that's one of my dad's work locations.  He's a geologist so he got to get out in nature and off the beaten track more than most people probably.  Many of the old mines he went to were only accessible on foot (or in some case bikes).  My sister and brother and I had fun reminiscing about all our hiking and camping trips as kids.  We got to learn the names of every plant and rock we saw along the way.  (I still know my plants pretty well but I'm a little rusty on my rocks.... sorry dad!)   Another advantage of having a geologist for a dad...

the old prospector get to have the prospector come to your class.  Very cool now... possibly a little embarrassing in third grade.  Now I just need to figure out how to get the prospector to Isaiah, Luke and Lizzy's classroom.

We had the party in the basement of an old flour mill.  I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked.  The lighting was not great and I was chasing after a two year old, but he's a couple.

Getting set up
the cake I made... complete with a mining car and edible rocks :)
Dad chatting with friends
Liz putting the charm on Grammy
happy to celebrate
opening cards and gifts at home, notice Debbie Dora thinks she needs to be right in the action
A new kayak for the river
It was fun at the party to hear everyone talk about all the qualities about my dad that make him great that I have always known.  He's the hardest worker I know- I like to think I got this quality from him. (I can also thank him for my fast metabolism)  He loves to help people and he's very generous with his time and resources.  He's adventurous and fearless. (that last part can make us all a little nervous at times)  He's very resourceful and handy and will always find a way to get things done.  I can't really imagine my dad not working on something.  So.... what is he doing now that he's retired?

Yep, that's right it's broken- a snow boarder collided with his leg on the first morning of a ski trip right after he retired and he's in this bad boy for six weeks.  But as soon as the cast is off and the snow is melted you won't see my dad sitting around.  He'll be over at the river building their new retirement home.  So enjoy the rest while you can dad...and Happy Retirement! We love you!!!

February 18, 2012

A Pinterest-ing Valentine's

I may have mentioned that I kind of have a thing for Pinterest these days.  I just think it's so fun to pin cute little fun ideas to my boards.  If I could have a room full of bulletin boards in my house I would.  But since that isn't very practical Pinterest is a perfect alternative.  I've heard it said that Pinterest can be addicting and that may be true... but if you follow the right people 5 minutes is all I need to find some great stuff.  The one downside is I now have ideas for redecorating every room in my house... but on the up side we've started drinking green smoothies for breakfast- so it's all good.  It's funny the things you find out about people on Pinterest too.  This week I found out my cousin was engaged after noticing all the wedding ideas she was pinning.  Congrats Carissa!!!  Anyway, I did try out a few things from Pinterest for Valentines day.  We had a day full of hearts... starting with breakfast.

We had the heart shaped egg-in-a-hole last year but this year I added the heart shaped bacon.  It was as tasty as it is cute.  Someday I should have Kyle blog about bacon... he has a lot to say on that subject.

Isaiah got a heart shaped sandwich in his lunch and then we all joined him at school for his Valentine's party.

I brought the heart shaped watermelon... and we had some left-over for dinner too, which was...

Individual heart shaped pizzas.  Mmmmm!  Complete with heart shaped pepperoni.

Notice that most everything here involves food?  Hmmmm... and I didn't even take pictures of the m&m cookie bars I made or the heart shaped jello jigglers.  We try to eat healthy most the time, we really do!  I did make one non-food related item.

A felt heart wreath courtesty of... you guessed it, Pinterest.

The best part of the day though was not eating hearts (although good) but spending the day with the ones who fill my heart!  It's such a blessing any day of the year to be loved by all my sweeties and to love them back.  I love you Kyle, Isaiah, Luke and Lizzy!