April 1, 2013

Meet the Chicks

There's some new girls at the Grunenfelder house.  They're cute and soft and just a teensy bit messy.  Yep, that's right, we got us some cute little chickees.  I have wanted to have chickens for forever so I have been just as excited as the kids.  They are growing like weeds so I thought I better introduce them before they get too big.  I finally got them out on a little photo shoot on Easter.  Here they are...


Sophia is the chick Lizzy picked out.  She named her after her current favorite princess cartoon character.  Sophia is an Americauna and will lay bluish greenish eggs.  She was the only light yellow one in the whole bunch.

Liz loves her little Sophia
On a side note, Lizzy has been going by "Cupcake" lately... she cracks me up!


Rhonda is my chick (and also the 'extra' in case one of them turns out to be a rooster)  She's a Rhode Island Red and is posing with cousin Isabelle today.


Goldie is Luke's Golden Laced Wyandotte.  See the flecks of gold on her head?  They are already losing their baby faces.  

Luke loves animals, he's such a nurturer.
And finally...

Mary (inspired by The Mariners) is Isaiah's Barred Plymouth Rock.  It's the kind he specifically wanted.  At first he named her Rocky but decided that wasn't very feminine.  He's keeping that name in his back pocket just in case.  

Fun Fact:  Isaiah is really excited about baseball right now.  This is a new love for him.  He started playing on a baseball team a couple weeks ago and is loving it!

lovin' his new hat

Well, that's the girls.  Hearing those little peeps from their box makes me happy.  Having fresh eggs out my back door in a few months will make me even happier.  And it was kinda fun to have them on Easter. 

New Life.  

Fresh Starts. 

Living Savior.


I love Easter!  Here's a couple of pictures of our day celebrating with my sister Megan's family, Kyle's sister Kaylene, and Kyle's cousin Kent's family...

Talking to Papa
Lizzy's "most favoritest" egg 
Checking out their eggs
Soccer anyone?

Look who just figured out how to cross his eyes...

We tried to get a good group shot, we really did.

 Uh, Oh... baby down!

Oh, well... they're cute even if they're not all looking at the camera.

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!