June 16, 2013

Unicorns...Pink Ponies... and Mermaids

My sweet Elizabeth Joy turned 4 a couple weeks ago.  Leading up to her birthday if you asked her what she wanted she would say "a REAL unicorn and a REAL pink pony!"  That is what she wanted.  She was not discouraged with answers that we may not know where to find unicorns and pink ponies.  "Mom- you just have to look in the magical forest!"  Duh.

Well we didn't make it to the magical forest this year in time for her birthday but Lizzy DID have a wonderful birthday celebration, and she even got a pink pony (which she loved even if it wasn't real)

Lizzy chose the Spaghetti Factory for her birthday dinner and was joined by many of her adoring fans- thanks Nana and Papa, Auntie Kaylene and Uncle Syd and Auntie Deb.  It was a super fun night!  A couple of days later we celebrated with a princess tea party.  We were joined by cousin Isabelle and a couple of dear friends.  Lizzy was in heaven.
A table set for a queen!
Princess Cake
the beautiful Mermaid Princess
the Princesses- Ruby, Isabelle, Lizzy and Zoe

Sweet cousins

Happy Birthday!
Oh how I love this girl! I love her smile. I love her dimples. I love her hugs.  I love how she says big words.   I feel so incredibly blessed to have a daughter.  Lizzy is my constant companion.  She is thoughtful and always ready to help me in the kitchen, or run errands, or give me fashion advice.  I love watching Lizzy interact with people.  She talks to anyone, is quick to compliment and encourage and gives out hugs without reserve.  She is a light and brightens up any room.  Lizzy adores her brothers, who she calls "my boys" and it has been fun to watch her enter into play with them even more this year.  Oh, and this girl never. stops. talking.  She can carry on conversation all day long.  Shopping, fashion, lots of talking, fun.... all the makings of a great friendship and I'm looking forward to many coffee dates in our future.

My girlie
Besides Unicorns and Pink Ponies Lizzy also has developed a new interest in Mermaids.  Her new mermaid costume and mermaid dolls are helping to curb her desire to grow a tail for pool swimming this summer. (a "real" mermaid tail really was on her wish list- and they do make them for about $100)

Oh, so hard to believe my baby is four!  We sure do love her to pieces.  The other day I heard Lizzy sneeze a giant sneeze in the other room.  She walked into the kitchen in need of a tissue and said, "Mom, I blessed you."  Yes you did Lizzy, yes you did.  You blessed me four years ago when you entered the world and you have blessed me every day since.  Happy Birthday Princess!!!

Lizzy's "Birth"day

 One year old

Two years old

 Three years old

Four years old