August 28, 2012

The Calm Before....

I'd like to be writing a really creative blog post right now.  I wish I could share these fun pictures with catchy commentary and a fun theme.  But here's the truth... I've got nothing.  My mind is filled with thoughts of packing our house and Kyle's classroom bulletin boards, and home school curriculum  and returning library books and gymnastics registration and lost bills.... you get the idea.  What I do have is lots of pictures of August and fun times with family and friends.  We had a really nice couple weeks of respite before the craziness of the fall season kicked in.  That craziness started this week.  Kyle had his new employee orientation yesterday.  Yes, for those who haven't heard Kyle has a new job teaching 6th grade at his former elementary school in Tumwater.  Crazy.  As much as he will miss his high school students at Mt. Tahoma, he is really excited about this new venture.  They called him to interview before he even saw the job posting and since we already had made a decision to rent a house in Tumwater this felt like the Lord's confirmation and provision.  So..... we are moving this weekend!  There will be some adjustment ahead- some really fun things, some harder things- but before I think about that and the 10 lists I have written down throughout my house, here is a little peek into our vacation this month.  The calm before the storm.

We enjoyed the Thurston County Fair with Nana and Papa.  Shaved ice and horse rides... can't get much better.

Luke had an awesome Spy Party for his 6th birthday

Secret Agent spy name shirts
Spy Games

Camping with the Cochrans at Pearygin Lake- yay for time with buddies from across the state

Lots of playing, sand building and relaxing on our own private beach... cause it was HOT

Ice cream in Winthrop
Chillin with his morning brew
A quick trip to Omak to harvest from the garden and swim at Camille's...

... then back to the Methow to hang out with most of my family (missed you Eric and Meghan!)

Grammy Bee and the grand kids

Debbie Dora enjoyed her vacation too

Caleb's getting some chubba lubba

Birthday buddies- turning 6 and 60!!!
New birthday duds
Going on an expedition

Ahhhh....morning coffee on the porch
Luke's froggy friend

the girls and grammy

Eagle Crest Resort with the Bernards.... four adults, six kids and two dogs bonding

Hiking at Lava Butte

Paddle boarding in Bend


Jubee and Buddy

Family photo shoot... more of these to come

So there you have it.  Lots of fun memories made and traditions continued and hopefully started.  I kind of wish we could stay in summer mode a little longer and postpone fall a tiny bit more... but, time does not stand still, so I better get to work.  We're planning on taking this new season by the horns and I'll be sure to try to keep you all updated.  Cheers to a great summer!