April 8, 2012

He is Risen indeed!

The tomb is empty.  Death could not hold Him down. Hope springs new. Jesus is Alive today!

This morning we read the Easter story to the kids all cuddled up on the couch.  Then we read The Tale of Three Trees.  I made Kyle read that one because I make it about two pages before I start tearing up and taking really long pauses to keep from breaking out in a cry.  Isaiah knows of my tendency to get teary.  Today I walked into the room at the end of a feel-good movie and caught Isaiah watching my face instead of the screen, waiting to see if I was going to shed a tear.  This kid knows me all too well.

Handsome Isaiah
What a happy day it was today!  Celebration, beautiful blue skies, warm sunshine, kids running around outside, family, unexpected surprises.  So, So Blessed!

Studly Luke


Sibling love

Watch out for this little gal... she's got some egg hunting intensity.  William Wallace egg hunter...

Lots of cuties and beauties

Happy Easter everyone!