June 26, 2011

Grunenfelder Family Jugglers

Tonight Isaiah decided he wanted to learn how to juggle.  Maybe he needed an outlet after two weeks spent  in an abnormal amount of resting.  Maybe he saw a couple bean bags and the thought just came to him.  Whatever it was he was determined to figure out juggling and the whole family joined in.  We got out the scarves we just happen to have in the garage and memories of elementary P.E. came drifting back as we started throwing scarves in the air.

working his skills

the wind makes things a little trickier

I'm pretty sure they get their grace from me...

I am by no means an expert in the art of juggling.  Scarves are about all I can handle.  Thankfully Kyle quickly reverted back to his days as an elementary P.E. teacher and took charge of the instruction.

my husband never ceases to amaze me

Juggling soon turned into other games... scarves and bean bags hold so many wonderful possibilities.

fancy moves
laughs and dimples
Lukey- need I say more?
a couple lovely ladies
Isaiah took this shot for us, it only took a couple tries :)

It's moments like these where we look at each other and say, "we have a pretty nice backyard."  In reality it's nothing special; pretty small, mostly a big patch of grass.  The paint on the back of the house is peeling, and there's chalk drawings all over the garage.  But on a peaceful evening, with the last rays of sunlight falling on our playful, happy, joy-filled kids, it's the best place on earth.

June 17, 2011

Mandatory Rest Break

After a busy end to the school year, field trips, assemblies, company, extra kids in our house, and five birthday parties, we are being forced to slow things down.... slow things W A Y down.  This week we found out Isaiah has mono, with a little strep throat on the side.  He's been a sick little buddy.  At first I thought he was just tired out from all the activity, or maybe his allergies were dragging him down.  But when his little lymph nodes starting protruding out of his neck and he stopped wanting to eat I knew something was amiss.  So we have been taking it easy.  I have to say it has been nice to not have to be anywhere and not have to herd kids into the car multiple times a day. Except for our trip to the doctor and a quick meal drop off to my friend, I haven't driven anywhere.  Simplicity can be so nice.

So far it hasn't been too hard to keep Isaiah in rest mode since he hasn't felt like doing much else.  We've napped, watched a "few" movies, made a good start on the library summer reading program, read Mr. Popper's Penguins cuddled up on the couch, and made some play dough for the younger two.  We'll see how things go as he starts to feel better and starts missing his friends and wants to romp around.  It is a good reminder for me to make sure our summer really is about rest.  We can have fun and enjoy the fruits of summer without go, go going all the time.  Here's to a stress-free, low-key summer!  Get better soon Isaiah!

Isaiah modeling his "neck bumps"

New play dough!

Have a wonderful, relaxing summer everyone!

June 1, 2011


My baby is two now.  Two seems like such a turning point to me.  No longer can I pretend that she is a baby, no longer can she get into movies free or onto airplanes without a ticket.  Lizzy is officially a toddler who reminds me of all she can do by herself every day.  "I do dat!"  It's a little sad to move past the baby stage but oh so fun to watch her embark on the journey of toddlerhood.

All smiles- it's party time!
We went with a cowgirl theme since Lizzy is a little pink clad cowgirl at heart.  I made a horse cake and pink boot and hat cookies.  Isaiah had his doubts about the cake but admitted in the end that it really did look like a horse.

Birthday treats

Modeling her new rain boots.... and pony ride for cousin Isabelle

she's got this birthday candle thing figured out

cute cousins- the ritual photo on the couch
Lizzy has recently discovered princesses.  Ever since Kyle told her the girl in Tangled was a princess she  has been eager to point out a princess or request a princess movie- (something we don't have a lot of). Here she is in her new princess headband.

Yay!  I'm two! and I have chocolate cake! and I'm a princess!!!

Lizzy shares a birthday with my mom, which is really fun.  Two special gals born on the same day.  I really liked these pictures despite the mysterious yellow spot on Lizzy.  I tried to photoshop it out but no luck.  Oh well.

Me and the birthday girls

We took a walk later in the day and Lizzy insisted on wearing her baby doll in a front carrier like Auntie Meg.  She LOVES her babies.  She got a couple new babies for her birthday, plus a carrier bed and a fun little diaper bag.  It has a cute little box of wipes that she is very good at wiping her babies buns' with.  Stay tuned- I think we may be potty training soon.  If she can take care of her babies bathroom needs I'm betting she could take care of her own.  But then that would definitely confirm that she really isn't a baby anymore... hmmmm... maybe we'll wait another couple weeks.

Busy little momma
Well, this momma is definitely pretty head-over-heels for her sweet little two year old.  I know you can't stay little forever Liz-boo but don't grow up too fast, ok.  Happy Birthday princess!  We love you!

Elizabeth Joy