September 2, 2013

Lukey turned 7!

Our Lukey turned 7 in August.  I can't believe it!  He has always been our little guy with a great big heart.  It's hard not to think of him as little, but as the marks on Grammy's door jam prove he is growing steadily... and his heart is just as big as ever.  We sure do love this boy.

I'm still so thankful when I think about Luke's first couple years of life and how sick he was all the time after his bout with RSV.  It was a stretching, tiring season for all of us but God is good and Lukey pressed through like a champ and is perfectly healthy and full of life.  He makes us smile every day.

Luke got to celebrate his birthday a few times this month - four to be exact.  Pretty lucky guy.  We celebrated at the Oregon Coast with my family (along with the other summer birthdays)

Meghan, Grampa, Luke, Meg

Look at these cute brothers.  The other day I was thinking about how Luke and Isaiah have pretty much been together 24/7 for the last year.  Luke adores his brother and I think it might be an adjustment when they start school in a couple days.

We were camping near Sequim on Luke's actual birthday so he got to celebrate with Nana and Papa and Auntie Deb and Uncle Syd.  He spent his day exploring and playing at the beach at Fort Worden.  And he chose steak for his birthday dinner.

Goof ball!

Mmmmm.... icecream cake!

After we got back we had a family pool party for Luke and cousin Dylan.  Birthdays are always a good excuse for a bbq and pool day, plus Auntie Kaylene was home for a visit.

Dylan and Luke- turning 3 and 7

A birthday wouldn't be complete without some friends so we had a few of those over too.  Super Mario Brothers was the theme and Luke was in heaven having some of his best buddies play for hours and then spend the night.

A bunch of Mario's and Luigi's and one Princess Peach

Popsicle time at the pool!

Whew! That was a lot of celebrating but oh so fun. And Luke.... never forget .... you're worth it all!
We love you!

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  1. Fun to see pictures of all of the celebrations. Lukey melts my heart!